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Retainer Splash Retainer Cleaner - 8oz
Retainer Splash Retainer Cleaner - 8oz

All natural solution that cleans retainers with one quick soak and rinse.

Retainer Splash is an all natural cleaning solution for orthodontic retainers, night guards, and other removable appliances.

It cleans the most difficult calculus build-up and provides gentle daily cleansing and disinfection.

Retainer Splash was invented by a retainer wearer who was disappointed with denture cleaning products, fizzy tablets, and powders that did not work. Period. Through trial and error, he stumbled upon a solution that worked, plain and simple.

Retainer Splash is not a science experiment; it does change color, fizz, or do anything that one can visibly watch. It focuses on results - clean and fresh - everyday.

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