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Spry Xylitol Mints - Peppermint - 45ct
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Spry Xylitol Mints - Peppermint - 45ct

Having bad breath feels gross and tastes even worse. Many people choose to eat mints to combat it, but now they can take bad-breath prevention a step further with Spry Mints.

Spry Mints not only freshen breath, but they also defend against dental health problems. Each mint has .5g of xylitol - a natural sweetener.

Xylitol does not allow bacteria to stick to teeth. This quality means the bacteria cannot colonize in the mouth. Because they can't thrive, they also can't produce their bi-product, acid, which is the culprit to tooth decay and cavities.

With the regular use of Spry Mints, users will not only go throughout their day with fresh breath, but they will know that their teeth have the defense they deserve.

Spry Xylitol Mints features and benefits:

  • Natural peppermint flavor provides a crisp and refreshing flavor users won't be able to resist.
  • Sweetened with 100% xylitol to hydrate dry tissues and provide on-the-go oral care.
  • Dentist recommended due to their oral health benefits and ability to clean teeth.
  • Natural ingredients eliminate the need to worry about eating aspartame and other chemicals.
  • Shareable 45ct tube is the perfect size for packing around but also leaves enough to share.
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5 out of 5 (based on 1 reviews)

By Marylou G. on 01/20/2018
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